Prospective studies and groundwater and surface water exploration (industry, mining, oil company, consumption, irrigation, ranching, forest).

Regional and local characterization of aquifers.

Supervision, advice and technique management of hydrogeological geotechnical and environmental drilling.

Determination of groundwater flow direction, effective speed, reloading, circulation and discharge areas.

Hydraulic testing (pumping, recovey and slug test).

Calculation of exploitation flow rates, wells efficiency, radius of influence, critical flow rate.

Ground and surface water tests (infiltration, tracer and dilution tests).

Permeability testing (Slug Test, Gilg Gavard, Lefranc).

Determination of hydraulic parameters (transmissivity, permeability and storage coefficient).

Assessment and development of conceptual hydrogeological, hydrologic and hydrochemical models.

Development of hydrologic mathematical models.

Chemical water evaluation. Water quality studies for its use (human, ranching, industry, recreation use).

Water reserve reckon (aquifers in porous and fractured media).

Aquifer depression / dewatering.

In-well filming.

Irrigation system studies.

Aquifer vulnerability studies.

Surface flow rate quantification.

Identification and characterization of flood zones.